Rules of staying

Rules of staying in Khabarovsk City Boutique hotel 

During the staying in  Khabarovsk City Boutique hotel the guest takes up payment obligations for rendered services and bears responsibility to follow the present Rules during the whole term of staying at the hotel. 
1. The present rules regulate relations between Khabarovsk City Boutique hotel (Individual Entrepreneur Smotrova V.I., Individual Entrepreneur Sidorzhevskii L.E.) and guests - citizens of the Russian Federation, foreign citizens, legal bodies and persons without citizenship at realization of hotel services;

1.2. Hotel services are services providing rooms (places in the rooms) for temporary accommodation of customers.

2. The Khabarovsk City Boutique hotel is intended for temporary residing of guests during the term coordinated with administration. 
2.1. The administration provides possibility of guest's staying at the hotel only during the paid period of time. The guest, wishing to extend his stay at the hotel, should inform the hotel manager about it no later than 2 hours prior to departure. If the hotel can no longer make originally accommodated room available to guest, he can be offered another available room category.

3. Rules of staying in Khabarovsk City Boutique hotel 

3.1 Special requests for the guests’ safety and hotel property protection:

3.2. Special requests for creation a comfortable and safety atmosphere for all our guests.

It is forbidden:

3.3. Pets are forbidden.

3.4. A guest may only receive visitors with the consent of the manager and after showing a passport or a substitute document 
to him. If the visitors stay later than 11 p.m., they should be registered at the reception.  Hotel is freed from responsibility
 for unregistered guests.

 3.5. According to the legislation of the Russian Federation, the guests are responsible for any damage or loss which they or their visitors may cause within the hotel. The guests are obliged to compensate cost of the damage after assessment by the manager. A rate of lost electronic key is 500 (five hundred) rubles.

3.6. There is daily cleaning room service.  If the guest does not need cleaning, hang a special sign on the doorknob from the 

3.7. Ordering laundry service is from 8 a.m. till 6 p.m. daily

3.8. Payment for restaurant services is made in restaurant cash desk.

3.9. An early-riser or take-away breakfast  should be ordered not later than 10:00 p.m. through Reception.

3.10. The guests should take care of the hotel's property, observe sanitary rules and public order.

3.11. Guest should give electronic key back to administrator when check-out and reduce final calculation for mini-bar and additional paid services.

3.12. In case of Guest absence  after paid period of living Administration of the hotel creates a Commission of free people (head maid, maid, head administrator) to make an inventory of property located in his room. Guest valuables as cash, precious metals, documents placed on free storage in a safe-box at the reception,  and the rest are placed for storage in the left-luggage office (the 1st  floor, lobby).

3.13. Check-out time is during 15 minutes.

3.14. Feedback and Suggestion book is located at the Reception and is issued by request of the Guest.

3.15. Guest notes and agrees with the use of video surveillance systems in the hotel (expect rooms and bathrooms).

3.16. Guest notes and agrees with processing of personal data according with  FEDERAL LAW NO. 152 of July 27 on personal data.

3.17. The hotel processes  personal data in the interests of guests,  guided by FEDERAL LAW NO. 152 of July 27 on personal data. . The processing of personal data is carried out from the first guest  registration  at the hotel till the end of the hotel and its activities is made for the execution of the contract on rendering of hotel services


4. Rights and responsibility of parties

4.1. In accordance with The Civil Code of the Russian Federation chapter 925, the hotel is liable for guests’ property, 
with the exception of valuables, such as cash, documents and precious things.  Hotel grants the right to use free individual
 safe-box located in every room to ensure safety of the guest valuables.
4.2. In case of the loss, shortage or damage of guest’s belongings, he must declares it the administrator immediately. 
Otherwise, the hotel is not liable for failure to store things.
4.3.  The hotel, subject to these Rules, grants the guest the right to use of all services without any intervention by the hotel.
4.4. Guest is obliged to follow the rules and hotel payment order for services.

4.5. In cases of lacks of services the hotel may offer a Guest:

- Gratuitous elimination of lacks;

- Equivalent replacement of services;

- Low price for these services.

4.6.  The hotel is not responsible for work of urban communications (switching off electricity, heat, water and etc.)
4.7. The hotel has the right to terminate the Contract in case of guest current rules breaking. Guest should produce 
final calculation for services rendered when check out.
4.8. The contact may be early terminated by the guest. In case of early termination and paid service in advance,  
subject to the requirements chapter 3.8., 3.9.,3.10 these Rules, hotel  returns the guest funds  in the amount of the required
4.9. In case of hotel current rules breaking, protection of the guest’ s rights  is carried out in accordance with Russian Federation
4.10. In other cases not provided in  these Rules, the hotel and the guest  governed by the Russian Federation Consumers’
 Protection Law  and government regulations of the Russian Federation  from 9.10.2015  № 1085 " On approval of rules of hotel
 services in the Russian Federation. "