Superlative Salmon Fishing in the Far East of Russia

06 Май

At Ekaterina Lodge since 1994!

For already 20 years guests are being running the Ekaterina Lodge, which is situated in the forest at river “Kuchtui” in the Far East of Russia. The lodge consists of 7 wood houses. Every house is fully equipped with electricity and heating system.  Cozy Restaurant with fireplace and sweet sauna within swimming pool provide positive atmosphere. The Ekaterina Lodge is located in the forest at river „Kuchtui“.

The guests enjoy the exclusive use of the river around the Lodge.

 Due to a very quite location and private usage, undisturbed fishing experience is guaranteed.

The fishes and the river

 The river Kuchtui is 200 kilometers long and 30-100 meters wide.

As the river runs in large gravel, it is good for wading and as a follow for flying fishing.

For spawning salmon fishes entry the small tributaries and the main river.

The woody  landscape around the river is surrounded by small mountains.

There are all Pacific salmon species coming up the Kuchtui River, besides king salmon. Silver salmon weights up to 12 kg. It is known to be a very strong fighter. Followed by chum salmon (up to 12 kg) and pink salmon (up to 4 kg), which are also a big challenge for fishermen.

The "Dolly Varden" reaches a size up to 90 cm and provides excellent fights also. Other species such as arctic char, Kundcha and bigger than 50 cm graylings make the fishing adventure very diversified and exiting.

The tours and the itinerary

The fishing season at Ekaterina Lodge includes 7 tours and lasts from the beginning of July to the end of September. Each tour includes 8 full days of fishing. The duration of Lodge inhabitation can also be arranged individually.

In order to enable a familiar and comfortable fishing experience, each group consists of no more than 16 guests.

Ekaterina Lodge’s guests have unforgettable fishing adventure to take home.

We have being expanding our regular guests for years. Some of them visit Ekaterina Lodge almost every year.

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The official web-site is www.tourist-ekaterina.de